School Sports

School & Colleges Games Management System is a cloud-based Sports Management solution for educational stakeholders like Schools, Colleges, and Institutes for managing their Sports Events, Tournaments, Communication, Batch Management, and other related activities through Ezklub software.

School/College Games Management System
School/College Games Management System

About the Product

A unique and powerful Sports Software solution for school and college Sports Administrators and Coaches in managing their Sports Activities like Sports Events, School/Institute Profile Creation, Dedicated Mobile Application, Instructor Management, Student Registration, and Notification Management and help them manage their task effortlessly.

How our solutions can help?

Allows school Sports Administrator and Coaches to manage and transfer their tasks like Conducting Games, Scoring Recording, Communication from physical to a digital platform which improves the overall quality of events conduct, coordination, and optimal utilisation of efforts.

Why Our Solution?

Maximise Participation
Effective Communication
Digital Record Keeping
Better Management
Customised Plans

What we Offer?

  • Member & Institution Profile
  • Image Gallery Setup
  • Sports Certificates Uploads
  • Hall of Fame Management
  • Public Profile to Showcase Tournament
    1. Customised URL
    2. Listing facilities
    3. Players Listing
    4. Customized Individual and Instructor Profiling
  • Registration Fee payment through integrated payment gateway
  • Check out Schedules/Fixtures
  • Sporting Events and Updates
  • Team & Trial Management
    1. Elimination
    2. Round-Robin
    3. Group & Knockout
  • Medal Tally
  • Upload Joining Instructions
  • Tournament Achievements
  • Tournament Events
  • Dynamic list of Sports populates
  • Press Release & Announcements
  • Athlete Registration
  • Live Scoring panel
  • Dynamic Image Display
  • Articles and Videos of Tournament
  • Special Team/Player Records
  • Printable reports in PDF Format
  • Sport Portal Interlinking
  • Tournament Schedule and Result
  • Multimedia Wall
  • Sport Calendar
  • Notification & Announcements
  • Medal Tally
  • Web based Admin Panel
  • Notice board
  • Notifications panels
  • Connections (Communities)
  • Messages (social messenger feature), Emails
  • Online payment, Invoicing Support
  • Motor Skills Assessment
  • Coaches/Instructors platform for athletes training management
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